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Come & Get It Honey - Megan and her Goody Goodies Live Recording

Come & Get It Honey

Join us for the live recording of our debut album, Come & Get It Honey!

When I first decided that this album was going to happen, I IMMEDIATELY knew where I wanted this product to take place. My good friend Brook Sutton is the owner of The Studio Nashville - a recording studio and event venue all-in-one - and his space is exactly what I was looking for.

Swing music, at its best, is music that is being danced to. Musicians are inspired by watching the dancers. Dancers take cues from the musicians. Band leaders call different endings, vocalists trade bars, soloists play crazy things, and the energy in the room is that much better - which is why I can't imagine a better way to record this album.

Come and Get It Honey is going to be recorded live, in-studio, with a dance floor full of our friends and supporters out there making art as we make music.

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